Brookfield Margate
1640 Channel Highway
Margate 7054

  • The Brookfield Shed

Restaurant 6267 2996

  • Margate Taxation Parker Accounting

6267 2378

  • Madame Butterfly Markets on the Green 0439 672 331

The Brookfield Shed
A wonderful restaurant run by Julia.
Rustic atmosphere, great food. exciting future. Open Tuesday to Sunday 8am to 4pm Plus Every Friday and Saturday night. Ring Julia 6267 2996

Margate Taxation Parker Accounting 6267 2378 on Top Floor Enter from Back of Building

Brookfield Margate Any enquiries about rest of the property.

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Madame Butterflies Market

10:00 AM, Sunday Aug 6, 2017
First Saturday of each month.
Join us for the Market in the Paddock.

0439 672 331

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  • Listen to Hobart 96.1fm
  • Tuesday Nights 9 to 12 pm
  • Tassie Experiences with Helen.

Welcome to Brookfield Margate!
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1640 Channel Highway

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